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Foundation for Peace and Solidarity
Adresse :..
B.P. 8141 Yaounde Cameroon

Site Internet : en construction
Tel. :..
(237) 747 96 22
Fax. :..
(237) 231 97 47
Siège social:.. Yaounde
Email :

The founding father of the FPS is Mr. Kelly Nico Mua. The organisation was incepted on 25th October 2001 in Mfoundi division in the Centre province of Cameroon. The FPS initially began with five members. Today the active members of the organisation number up to 200.

Country and Domain of intervention
The FPS is a Cameroonian based NGO and as of now works mostly within the national territory but its doors is open for international cooperation.
The areas of intervention of the FPS include:

  • Peace and Human Rights
  • Education
  • Training
  • Youth development
  • Social works

Projects and programmes on the pipeline

  • Peace and Human Rights education in Schools and colleges
  • Youth development project
  • International peace conference
  • National peace sensitisation

Activities carried out in Cameroon

  • Actions carried out in Cameroon in line with the objectives of the FPS include;
  • Creation of Peace and Human Rights clubs in some schools and colleges;
  • Three workshops on the theme, “ promoting the culture of peace in Cameroon” were held in the towns of Bamenda, Buea and Yaounde in the month of April 2004;
  • National public awareness campaign for the maintenance of peace before, during and after the 2004 presidential election in Cameroon. This was done through the organisation of seminars and conferences with different class of people in the entire country; media plan sensitisation, and meet the people sensitisation;
  • Research work on the causes of land disputes in the North west province;
  • The FPS has set up a centre for the needy in Wum, which is aimed at assisting the needy in Cameroon;
  • The FPS has organised and participated in a number of workshops and conferences in collaboration with the Government, the UNCHRD Cameroon, Ecumenical Service for Peace (SeP) among other NGOs and the local community.

- Executive Director, Kelly Nico Mua, tel: (237) 747 9622, e-mail: nicokelly2@yahoo.com, P.O.Box 8141, Yaounde, Cameroon
- Programme officer, Teneng Eric Achu, tel : (237) 783 34 37, e-mail : e_teneng@yahoo.fr

The FPS as of now is being funded through membership contributions and free will donations for the execution its projects.

Network of collaborators

  • The FPS works in collaboration with the Ecumenical Service for Peace;
  • The UNCHRD Cameroon;
  • Local communities;
  • Local administrative units;
  • Traditional authorities
  • Cameroon Youths and Students for Peace

The greatest needs of the FPS are the necessary tools for the realisation of its projects. These include:

  • Training of its staff on NGO management, Peace building, protection and promotion of human rights, negotiation and conflict management and social works for its social assistance programmes.
  • Work equipments like computers, photocopiers and other office equipments.
  • Collaborators, working in same domain like the FPS, with better expertise and experience.
  • The necessary funds for the realisation of its objectives

Contact :
P.O Box 8141 Yaounde Cameroon
Phone: (237) 747 96 22
Fax: (237) 231 97 47
E-Mail : fpscam@yahoo.co.uk

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